Newmarket, Baldwin, and Uxbridge, June 6 - 8

Another quiet week-end. Biggest thing I have planned is Dorian's gig at the coffee shop Saturday night. Dorian Baxter, aka Elvis Priestley, is a real Anglican priest.

Jennifer and Bob are playing up at Sentimental Journey, near Baldwin, Friday night. I head up for dinner, hoping to also meet with Gail and Sue. I bring an extra Fem-ergy poster for Sue. Unfortunately, Sue's mother-in-law just passed away, so I leave the poster with Jim.

After Jennifer and Bob's set I stick around for a few songs from Steve Porter.

And then head down to Beanz in Uxbridge where Eric is backing up Nancy Hall.

There I meet Jim Breslin of Sourpuss.

He tells me that I shouldn't miss the Brooks Sisters Saturday night. Unfortunately, I was planning on staying in Newmarket that night for Dorian.

Saturday morning I walk down to the Newmarket Farmer's Market where I meet Kevin Kelly.

Afterwards, I head over to Chapters where I grab a hotdog for lunch.

On the way home, I stop by at The Arts. This is my first visit to their new store which opened just after Victoria Day.

I spend the rest of the afternoon working at home.

For dinner I head down to the coffee shop. As I step out my front door I see a Rolls in our parking lot. It obviously doesn't belong to anyone living at my place.

At the coffee shop I find people starting to set up for Dorian's show.

I wolf down dinner and tell Ralph that I would be back at 10PM for Dorian's third set. I then head over to Beanz to catch the first set of the Brooks Sisters.

I rush back to Newmarket and as I walk into the coffee shop at 10 minutes before 10, Ralph tells me that Dorian is only performing until 10. I throw a wide angle zoom onto the camera and start clicking away as fast as I can. Luckily, Dorian stays on for an extra 10 minutes. During the 20 minutes I take 69 photographs.

Sunday afternoon I head over to Fairey Lake for drum circle.

It definitely got the attention of some kids.

As I had hoped for, I meet Rick. Here are the first pictures of the new clean shaven Rick Hoyles.

Rick used to look like this:

Chuck and his wife were out walking the dogs and stopped to say hi.

On the way home, I meet Chicago.