Aug 2, 2004

I just got an email from Mikaleena, who is still in Japan. She is doing fine and will be returning to Newmarket when all the construction on Main Street is finished. I thought to take some pictures of our neighbourhood so that she and her new friends can see what downtown Newmarket currently looks like.

I started by crossing over to the east bank of the Holland River on Queen Street. Here is the view looking north from the rail bridge towards the Tannery Mall.

Still looking north you can see the old cement railway bridge arch.

Walking south along the Holland River Walkway on the east bank...

...there is a fair amount of wildlife. Most don't come out during the day. It was a pretty quiet afternoon, I only saw one squirrel.

And an empty snail shell on the path. But wait, a fly is crawling out of it.

The path goes past the old Office Specialties Building which is currently being converted to lofts.

I then walk clock-wise around Fairy Lake. This is a popular park in the heart of Newmarket. Here is the view north towards Water Street.

There are paths for cyclists...

...and strollers.

There are people reading...

...and families picnicing.

Right now in the middle of the park the Resurgence Theatre Company has set up stage for their popular Shakespeare in the park series. Click here for pictures of this year's productions.

Of course there are the ever present geese and ducks as well as real wildlife.

I now head home north up Main Street. In addition to all the construction (new water and sewer mains were put in) it is an extremely quiet long weekend. It seems that everyone has gone to the cottage. This is the view from the foot of Main Street.

As I am walking along I see Claire taking her neighbour's daughter, Rachelle, for a walk.

There is a bit of life at the Corner Coffee House.

But in general it extremely quiet. It looks like construction might actually finish on time in the fall. Didn't encounter anyone or anything the rest of the way home.