International Council On Systems Engineering

As part of my day job I attended this year's annual INCOSE Symposium in Rochester, New York. I drove down instead of taking the ferry because I had to be back in Toronto for Swing Rosie at The Montreal Bistro Thursday night and I couldn't take the chance that the ferry might break down.

Downtown Rochester empties completely after 6PM. Newmarket is livelier!

There was quite a sizeable contingent from my company.

Our fearless leader teleconferencing with Toronto and Australia.

Self portrait.

Some other engineers.

The conference hosted a robot competition for middle school kids.

The entertainment at the banquet was Garth Fagan Dance.

There is some pretty interesting architecture in Rochester. This building looked straight out of Ghostbusters, we were expecting the Stay Puft marshmallow man to show up.

I did find some music at noon in the park next to the convention centre.