66 on Brock is located in the heart of Uxbridge. It is a showcase for local artists, both visual and performing.

Your friendly host (playing guitar)

Also the home of Rusty!

Rusty's mom

more Rusty...

Special Events

Beanz 1st Anniversary Concert Saturday Jazz
Christmas 2003 United in Diversity


Harry Manx Artemis, Linda M, and Dale Russell
Sherri Coates & Eric Hangtime
Sourpuss Grant Lyle
Kevin Kelly Rick Washbrook
Don't Panic Daryl Patrick
Brooks Sisters Ed Winacott
Andrea Florian 4 minus 1
Wild Oats Howard Ross
Robert Maciag D'Arcy Wickham
David Gillis Susan Latimer
Anam Cara Hurricane Mike Thompson
Jazz Experiment Ashleigh Johnson
Susan Hayle Uncle Jim
Grainne Mardi Jayde & Gad Foltis
Shawn Sage Mark Sepic
George Grosman Noreen Sullivan
Terry Hart Karen Kosowski
Gypsygrass Warren Greig
Carol Teal & David Joyce Patricia Duffy
David Essig Dorothy Cooley
Stella Luna Nura
Alise Marlane Kate Schutt
Raven, Kris, Larry & Greg Key of Me
Michelle Rasky Harry Ellis Quartet
Breakfast at the Apollo Jack De Keyzer
Peter Smith Trio