By the summer of 2004 I had gone completely digital and finally stopped carrying film cameras along as back-up. This was helped along when I hurt my foot and had to reduce the amount of weight I carried. This was also the year my reputation spread, I was going to an average of 20 performances a month.

Saturday Nite Fish Fry, The Rex, December 2004

Swing Rosie, The Mod Club, December 2004

Laila Biali, Montreal Bistro, November 2004

Amanda Martinez, The Rex, December 2004

Pavlo, Hugh's Room, October 2004

Chris McKhool, Baba Ganoush, November 2004

Anne Lindsay & Jason Fowler, Port Perry United Church, October 2004

Debbie Fleming, Amis du Jazz, October 2004

Larissa Renee, Gate 403, July 2004

Rob Bedard, Brix, August 2004

Larra Skye, Eggplant Cafe, June 2004

'Much Ado About Nothing', Resurgence Theatre Company

Mondo Collegiato, Distillery Jazz Festival

Lyne Tremblay, Distillery Jazz Festival

The Wailin' Jennys, The Rivoli, May 2004

Scott B Sympathy, C'est What, May 2004

Michael Danso, Hamilton, April 2004

Susan Latimer, Beanz, April 2004

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