I am now going to up to 30 performances a month, mostly in Toronto. With a digital camera that shoots in B&W, I have reverted back to shooting mainly in B&W. The tonal quality is not as good as what I used to get with Koday Tri-X but it is more convenient. And I can switch between B&W and colour on the fly.

Lou Bartolomucci, Michele Mele & Bernie Senensky, Montreal Bistro, December 2005

Daniela Nardi, Red Guitar, December 2005

Amanda Martinez, Montreal Bistro, November 2005

Anne Lindsay, Hugh's Room, November 2005

Fern Lindzon, The Rex, October 2005

Artie Roth, Kim Ratcliff & Melissa Stylianou, Red Guitar, October 2005

Angela Scappaturea, Orleans, September 2005

Bonnie Brett, Montreal Bistro, October 2005

Robi Botos & Brandi Disterheft, The Rex, September 2005

Emilie-Claire Barlow, Orleans, September 2005

John Alcorn, The Red Guitar, August 2005

Shannon Butcher, The Rex, August 2005

Pavlo, Festival of Friends, August 2005

Kevin Kelly, Newmarket, August 2005

Lyne Tremblay, Celebrate Toronto, July 2005

Nancy Walker, The Rex, August 2005

Brett & Braid, Montreal Bistro, June 2005

Bonnie Brett & Brandi Disterheft, Orleans, July 2005

Melissa Stylianou, Orleans, May 2005

Angela Scappatura & Cheong Liu, Orleans, June 2005

Steve Zsirai & Ronley Teper, Staircase Cafe, May 2005

D'Arcy Wickham, Free Times Cafe, May 2005

Kate Shutt, 66 on Brock, March 2005

Bosom Buddies, The Rex, April, 2005

Patty McLaughlin, Corner Coffee House, March 2005

Brian Chahley, The Rex, March 2005

Bill King, Archie Alleyne and Duncan Hopkins, Montreal Bistro, February 2005

Alise Marlane, 66 on Brock, February 2005

Evalyn Parry, Staircase Cafe, January 2005

Debbie Fleming, Montreal Bistro, January 2005

Lyne Tremblay, Amis du Jazz, January 2005

Brandi Disterheft, Montreal Bistro, January 2005

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