2006 was a bad year for jazz in Toronto with the closing of The Montreal Bistro and The Red Guitar. A few new places are giving it a bit of a go but none are decent performance venues. The Central emerged from the ashes of The Red Guitar with a more youth oriented programming.

This was the year I began photographing burlesque. I started not knowing anyone in the burlesque community and ended the year shooting for almost all the major groups in Toronto. I have developed a specific style that communicates the dynamics of the performances without sacrificing image quality and is flattering to the artists.

Sienna Dahlen, The Central, Dec 2006

Mysterion & Kayla Pin Lynn, Clinton's, Dec 2006

Alex Pangman & Tory Cassis, Lula Lounge, Dec 2006

Alex Pangman, Lula Lounge, Dec 2006

Rhonda Stakich, The Supermarket, Nov 2006

Melissa Stylianou, The Rex, Nov 2006

Kieran Overs, The Rex, Oct 2006

Opera York, The Marriage of Figaro, Nov 2006

Evalyn Parry, Tranzac, Oct 2006

Shawna Caspi, Rivoli, Oct 2006

Las Gatas, Mod Club, Sep 2006

Elvira Fire, The Supermarket, Sep 2006

Mina La Fleur, Mod Club, Sep 2006

Michelle L'Amour, Cadillac Lounge, Sep 2006

Bernie Senensky, The Red Guitar, Aug 2006

'Some Other Spring', Newmarket Theatre, Aug 2006

Heather Morgan, Cadillac Lounge, Aug 2006

Brian Chahley, The Rex, Aug 2006

Naomi Emmerson, The Red Guitar, Jul 2006

Shameless Dames, Tranzac, Jul 2006

"Talley's Folly", Resurgence Theatre Company, Jul 2006

Michael Danso, Statler's, Jul 2006

Richard Whiteman & Brandi Disterheft, Montreal Bistro, Jun 2006

Shannon Butcher & Ross McIntyre, The Rex, Jun 2006

Rhonda Stakich, The Revival, Jun 2006

Emilie-Claire Barlow & Kelly Jefferson, The Rex, Jun 2006

Tiger Lily's Erotic Cabaret, Laurentian Room, Jun 2006

Amanda Martinez, The Drake, Jun 2006

Chris McKhool & Kevin Laliberte, The Rex, Jun 2006

Debbie Fleming, Montreal Bistro, Jun 2006

Nancy Walker, The Rex, May 2006

Shameless Dames, Tranzac, May 2006

Daniella Nardi, Red Guitar, May 2006

Laila Biali, Red Guitar, May 2006

Kelly Perras, Red Guitar, April 2006

Larra Skye, Montreal Bistro, May 2006

Ashley Wey, Montreal Bistro, April 2006

Amanda Martinez, Tempo, April 2006

Lyne Tremblay, Red Guitar, March 2006

Pete Johnson, George Grosman, Ashley Wey, Montreal Bistro, April 2006

Les Coquettes Nouveau Burlesques, February 2006

Shannon Butch & Ross McIntyre, Montreal Bistro, February 2006

Melissa Stylianou, Red Guitar, January 2006

Ross McIntyre & Shannon Butcher, The Rex, January 2006

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