I think that 2007 was the year that my work really got recognized. My jazz photography was nominated for a National Jazz Award. Though I didn't win, it felt great to be nominated. I spent the year mostly shooting jazz and burlesque. Statler's re-opened while the Courthouse came and went within three months.

Julie Michels, Statler's, Dec 2007

Melissa Stylianou, The Rex, Dec 2007

Chesty Larue, The Revival, Dec 2007

Shakira S'Aida, Trane, Dec 2007

Treassa Levaseur, Massey Hall, Dec 2007

Layla Zoe, Massey Hall, Dec 2007

Gabrielle Prata, Now Lounge, Nov 2007

Shannon Butcher, The Rex, Nov 2007

Nancy Walker, The Rex, Nov 2007

Melissa Stylianou, Newmarket, Nov 2007

Reg Schwager, The Rex, Nov 2007

Lyne Tremblay, Statler's, Nov 2007

Sean Bray, The Rex, Nov 2007

Ross McIntyre, The Rex, Nov 2007

Barber of Seville, Opera York, Oct 2007

The Harlettes, The Revival, Oct 2007

Sauci Calla Horra, Cadillac Lounge, Oct 2007

Penny Starr Jr., Gladstone Hotel, Oct 2007

Ruth Moody, Free Times Cafe, Oct 2007

Michael Danso, Statler's, Oct 2007

Nancy Walker, The Rex, Oct 2007

Rhonda Stakich, Free Times Cafe, Oct 2007

The Shameless Dames, Gladstone Hotel, Sep 2007

Fern Lindzon, The Rex, Sep 2007

Virginia D'Vine, Now Lounge, Sep 2007

Shannon Butcher, The Rex, Sep 2007

Kate Schutt, C'est What, Aug 2007

Kira Callahan, The Rex, Sep 2007

Cara Luft, Festival of Friends, Aug 2007

Scott Marshall, Trane, Aug 2007

Maria Juana, Revival, Aug 2007

Carin Redman, Trane, Aug 2007

Rhonda Stakich, Plein Air, Aug 2007

Vermillion Lies, Gladstone Hotel, Aug 2007

Salt Water Moon, Resurgence, Jul 2007

Melissa Pisarowski, Trane, Jul 2007

Miss Mitzy Cream, Bloor Cinema, Jul 2007

Julie Michels & George Koller, Courthouse, 2007

ChoirGirlz, Plein Air, Jul 2007

Rhonda Stakich, The Rex, Jul 2007

Kelly Jefferson, The Rex, Jun 2007

Yvonne Moore, Trane, Jun 2007

Chesty LaRue, Revival, Jun 2007

Scott Marshall, Trane, Jun 2007

Dagmar Morgan, Orleans, Jun 2007

Emilie-Claire Barlow, The Rex, Jun 2007

Layla Zoe, Healey's, Jun 2007

Larra Skye, The Rex, Jun 2007

Bill King, Orangeville, Jun 2007

Roxi Dlite, Cadillac Lounge, Jun 2007

Susie Arioli, Courthouse, Jun 2007

June Garber, Orangeville, Jun 2007

Shakura S'Aida, Courthouse, May 2007

Laila Biali, Courthouse, May 2007

The Harlettes, Revival, May 2007

Elvira Fire, The Pilot, May 2007

The Shuffle Demons, Lula Lounge, Apr 2007

The Harlettes, Revival, Apr 2007

Swing Rosie, The Rex, Apr 2007

Brampton Lyric Opera, Apr 2007

Heather Morgan, 66 on Brock, Mar 2007

Nathan Hiltz, The Rex, Mar 2007

Anne Lindsay, Rivoli, Mar 2007

Adi Braun, Courthouse, Mar 2007

Opera York, Feb 2007

Opera York, Feb 2007

Richard Underhill, Lula Lounge, Feb 2007

Derek Hamlin, Orleans, Feb 2007

Maria Juana, The Revival, Feb 2007

Stevie Vallance, The Rex, Feb 2007

Sophia Perlman, Lula Lounge, Jan 2007

Miss B Haven, Now Lounge, Jan 2007

Brian Chahley, The Rex, Jan 2007

Shannon Butcher, The Rex, Jan 2007