2008 was the year I finally went pro in the sense that I started taking paying jobs. This was because after 19 years, I was let go from my day job. I was lucky that I was let go early, before the recession hit. This meant that I actually got a package which allowed me to get out of the high tech world and become an artist.

Mina LaFleur, Revival, Dec 2008

Colleen Allen, Chalkers, Dec 2008

Shadowpath Theatre, Nov 2008

George Evans, Chalkers, Nov 2008

Les Coquettes Nouveau Burlesque, Revival, Sep 2008

Bobby Hsu, Chalkers, Oct 2008

Rhonda Stakich, The Rex, Aug 2008

The Harlettes, Revival, Aug 2008

Resurgence Theatre, Aug 2008

Alex Pangman, Markham Jazz, Aug 2008

Michelle Lamour, Mod Club, Jul 2008

Resurgence Theatre, Jul 2008

Zero Gravity Circus, Mod Club, Jul 2008

Dirty Martini, Mod Club, Jul 2008

Melissa Stylianou, The Rex, Jun 2008

Lisa Particelli, Chalkers, Jun 2008

Brownman, Trane, Jun 2008

Ori Dagan, Chalkers, Jun 2008

Danny Marks & Layla Zoe, Healey's, May 2008

Layla Zoe & Danny Marks, Healey's, May 2008

Barry Romberg & Keiran Overs, Chalkers, May 2008

Coco Framboise, Gladstone Hotel, May 2008

Brandi Disterheft, Chalkers, May 2008

Amanda Martinez & Kevin Laliberte, Lula Lounge, May 2008

Fern Lindzon, The Rex, Apr 2008

Emilie-Claire Barlow & Ross McIntrye, Gibson Centre, Apr 2008

Miss Mitzy Cream, Tranzac, Apr 2008

Joe Sealy, Statler's, Apr 2008

Brandi Disterheft, Chalkers, Mar 2008

Roxanne Potvin, Hugh's Room, Mar 2008

Scott Marshall & Nick Fraser, The Rex, Mar 2008

Marc Rogers, Rivoli, Mar 2008

Sauci Calla Horra, Gladstone Hotel, Feb 2008

Stevie Vallance, The Rex, Feb 2008

Kate Hammett-Vaughan & Bill Coon, The Cellar, Feb 2008

Aviva Chernick, Feb 2008

Scott Marshall, Trane, Jan 2008

AfriCan Theatre Ensemble, Jan 2008

Heather Morgan, Free Times Cafe, Jan 2008

Adi Braun, Hugh's Room, Jan 2008